Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Garlic Zucchini Pasta

I got this recipe from My Wooden Spoon Blog. This recipe appealed to me because it looked very easy and I liked every single ingredient listed. While the end result was delicious, it did not look like how it was pictured in the original recipe (which you can see here). I couldn't get my zucchini to spread out and intermingle with the pasta, it just wanted to stay clumped together and I'm not sure why.

Garlic Zucchini Pasta
From: My Wooden Spoon

2 Large Zucchini
1 head Garlic
1 pkg Angel Hair pasta
1 cup Parmesan Cheese
Olive Oil


1. Shred Zucchini and mince Garlic.
2. Prepare pasta as directed on box.
3. While cooking the pasta Saute garlic in Olive Oil for a minute or two
4. Add the zucchini and saute 10 - 15 min. Longer
5. Add the cooked pasta and shredded cheese to the zucchini and mix well.
6. Salt and pepper to taste


amberWIRE said...

ELIZABETH! So funny that Bill was at Pull! Are you guys coming to New Holland Brewery this Saturday night for the reunion? Ryan and I would love to see you there!

Meghan Boss said...

Hmmm... funnier that you weren't there, and you wouldn't even watch the video... all those ices... ANYWAY! Tried the creamy chicken enchiladas tonight and they were awesome! Tomorrow, maybe lowfat chicken tacos!!!


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